Riverside North Farm is run by Jim and Sylvia Kosloski. We are very occupied not only with our farm but with work in general. We have a huge garden that produces a huge crop every year and from that Sylvia makes some incredible soups that people rave about. None of her recipes are ever the same, but they are all delicious.

About Products & Animals

West Branch Ranch is a small farm that raises small framed beef that are hay and grass fed only from hay/grass that is raised on our acerage. We do not buy hay. We also grow broiler chickens that are free ranged and fed a ration of poultry feed as well. our animals do not get shots or vaccinations. We are always interested in how we can better raise our animals to be premium in flavor and in thier welfare while here. Our beef are primarily the Lowline Angus which are smaller framed and produce very well on just grass and hay. Our chickens are broilers and are free range, tucked in at night to protect them from predators

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